The difference between a FNO & an ISP

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The difference between a FNO & an ISP



A Fibre Network Owner (FNO) manages and owns your fibre optic connectivity infrastructure. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) manages how you receive the internet services over the FNO’s infrastructure, and further manages the speed and data frequency.


What differentiates a Fibre Network Owner from an Internet Service Provider?


Fibre optics are super-fast, stable network mediums (infrastructure) that can carry data along light to and from its originating point to its end-point. It involves using glass or plastic cables instead of the traditional copper cables that have provided regular connectivity for so long. These glass or plastic cables allow for data to travel at high-speed and provide uninterrupted connectivity to internet users, regardless of how far from the exchange they are.


In order to complete a successful internet connection over fibre optics, both an FNO and an ISP are required. The FNO is the company that supports the network infrastructure, whilst the ISP is the company that provides you, as the customer, an internet service to your required devices. This means an FNO installs and maintains its own fibre network infrastructure, which is then used by the ISP to give the customer access to internet connectivity solutions.


As we are moving into an age where we stream everything online; where all games need an internet connection and where business delivery expectations are shorter, fibre is fast becoming the norm and will become the standard measure of internet connection for the future. In short, without an FNO and an ISP, a stable fibre connection would not be possible.


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