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DNATel is the ICASA license holder and Fibre Network Owner division of the DNA Group. DNATel is a next generation open access Fibre Network Owner (FNO). We install and own sustainable fibre telecommunications infrastructure across South Africa.

Our mission is to build future proof Open Access fibre telecommunications that will support economic growth.

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Please contact your internet service provider (ISP) directly for any support with your fibre line.

Fibre-to-the-home ( FTTH) is broadband that travels through fibre optic cables. Fibre optics uses light signals to transmit data. The fibre to the home installation includes the use of optical fibre from a central point directly to individual property such as residences or residential estates or apartment or townhouse buildings to provide high-speed internet. Each home will be fitted with a termination box (TP) and ONT (Optical Node Terminal). An ISP of your choice will deliver their router of choice which connects to the ONT device. Now you are ready to go.

Fibre to the Business or FTTB creates a faster, more reliable connection to all Business’s (FTTB)and provides internet at scale that can manage a high demand on the internet line. This type of fibre is more expensive but is tailored for large numbers of concurrent users with high demands of the internet speed, uptime, and reduced contention ratio. Business contracts are linked to SLA or service level agreements, which offers business customers guaranteed uptime and will be given priority status when the network is down.

A Optic FIbre connection to your home or business will improve the speed and reliability of your connectivity and is much faster and more durable than any other options in the market. At home you can have all your devices connected to one internet connection including all mobile devices, I-pads and Tablets, Laptops or Personal Computers, Smart TV’s and Skype and / or Microsoft Teams for video conferencing and lets not forget online gaming. All these applications will be enabled through high-speed broadband

You can sign up with any Internet service provider (ISP) that uses our services.

An ONT is an Optical Network Terminal, also known as Client Premises Equipment (CPE). This device connects to a installed Termination Box ( TP) which DNATel will install into your house. The ONT device lights up and provides the following information. Power : Steady green , power is received PON and LOS : PON indicator being steady green colour , means the ONT is connected to Network.

Once you have decided on an ISP and package, your ISP will set up a convenient time for you to install your router and connect your fibre line to your home. Your ISP will scope the best path to run the actual physical fibre cable from the box on your pavement right into your home to a termination point (TP).

You log into www.dnatel.co.za and click on the tap “get fibre “. You choose residential or business fibre. A coverage map then will appear. Once you insert you address details, you will be sent a link to choose you required line speed and package from a list of Internet Service Providers ( ISP ). Once you selected this , you order s now placed on DNATel . Your ISP will keep in touch with you on delivery of your router , and DNATel will make contact should a fibre installation be required directly into your home and a planner will be sent to your residence or business to discuss the installation route and process. This could take 2- 3 week to finalise, so plan early and place your order early to allow our teams to activate you promptly

It all depends on the current installation status of your fibre line , new installs can take up to 2 weeks where clients with fibre installed already can expect activation within a week. .

DNATel does not charge any installation fees to clients.

When you move, you will not be able to take an existing fibre connection with you. However, when you move to an area that has an existing fibre infrastructure, you will be able to reconnect with the fibre lines.

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